This new concept in trailer design enables the trailer to be lowered hydraulically, safely and easily. By choosing this flatbed trailer and the appropriate accessories,you will have both a trailer that is capable of carrying a motorbike and a load carrying trailer.

This trailer is covered by an international PCT patent;you can very easily and single handedly load MOTORBIKES,3WHEELEDSCOOTERS, SCOOTERS, SPYDERS, CAN-AMS, QUADS and numerous other types of equipment (mini tractors, self-propelled machines, micro cars, small helicopters, forklifts, palettes etc. ….) on and off.

This trailer is equipped with a mechanism that enables the axle to be rotated using a combination of both its hydraulic equipment and the drawbar. It is lowered using gravity, and lifted by using a manual hydraulic pump (for around 20 seconds) linked to a hydraulic ram that is situated close to the drawbar end.
The slope is around 3° to 5° depending on the height of the tow hook


Designed to be hard wearing

  • Raising Time: less than a minute
  • Antiskid water resistant bed
  • Rings to secure your load
  • Galvanised reinforced chassis for a long working life
  • Machine welded chassis for extra strength
  • V drawbar for increased ability
  • 100% made in France manufactured to European standards
  • No ramp required

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